Wednesday, January 16, 2013

diy: polka dot leggings

two things i have been loving this winter: leggings and polka dots. given my love and adoration for both of these things i came up with a diy tutorial for polka dot leggings. Read more after the jump!

for this project you will need: scissors, a paintbrush, fabric paint (i used martha stewart brand fabric paint in sterling), a hole puncher, contact paper, and leggings (i used these).

you will want to cut the contact paper into smaller pieces and hole punch the center of each piece.

heading into this project i knew that my polka dots wouldn't be exactly perfect so i didn't measure the distance between the placement of each dot. here i am just placing the pieces of contact paper where i would like to paint the dots.

once you like the layout of where your dots will be, peel away the paper backing of the contact paper and apply the sticky side to the leggings. contact paper is great for this tutorial because it does have a slight stickiness to it, but it will not leave a residue on the leggings.

begin to paint in the polka dots. i found that the best way to produce the most well-shaped dot is to start on the outside of the dot and paint towards the center. after painting all of the dots, i went back and did a second coat immediately.

once you have finished the second coat of paint, gently peel away the contact paper. once all of the contact paper is removed let the leggings dry for 45 minutes to an hour. you want to be sure the paint is completely dry before starting to paint the other sides. you will repeat all of these steps again to complete the other front side and both of the backsides.

i absolutely adore mine! i wore them the next day and paired them with some camp socks and a pair of military boots that i am obsessed with!

{photos by color me caitie}


  1. Thank you so much!! I LOVE this ❤

  2. Whoa, those leggings seem like they took a lot of work to make. How long did it take you?