Wednesday, December 12, 2012

sweet and festive champagne cocktail

last week, veuve clicquot surprised me with a bottle of bubbly. i'm fairly certain that if someone was there to witness me opening that package they would have seen my jaw practically drop to the floor; it was such a kind and generous gesture! the ideas starting flowing and i decided to create a cocktail that i recently came across on pinterest. the only ingredients needed are chilled champagne, vanilla ice cream, and raspberries.

this cocktail is quite simple! put a few raspberries at the bottom of each champagne flute. then add a small scoop of the ice cream. lastly, top it off with another raspberry or two and pour the champagne. this cocktail is such a delight and is perfect for holiday parties, or perhaps christmas morning brunch. cheers!

bottle of veuve clicquot c/o veuve clicquot
{photos by color me caitie}