Friday, September 14, 2012

happy friday!

it is unbelievable that my third week of school has come to a close. all of my work is starting to get a bit more rigorous and those due dates that seemed so far off into the future aren't so far off anymore. it can be overwhelming: the two-pages-long (yes, *sigh* two. pages. long.) to-do list seems to be growing, regardless of how much i may be crossing off of it. and then i go to class and realize that i put mascara on only one eye that morning and somehow forgot to do the other (again, yes).

this is when a break is absolutely necessary. in my case, this break included a manicure, a cup of hot tea and an episode or two of how i met your mother. it really is wonderful how these little things made me feel so much better! i'm certainly looking forward to the weekend. wishing you a relaxing one!

{instagram photo by color me caitie}

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  1. What's your favorite type of tea? I'm loving the Celestial Seasonings Chai right now! Have you seen this? Twinings is sending out free samples of old + new flavors! xoxo, eliza