Wednesday, September 12, 2012

hair tie love

i have always been very particular when it comes to my hair. even when i was younger, i had my go-to hairstyles and my go-to hair ties. when i was really young, my mom would do my hair and use metallic hair ties with metal clasps. in middle school, hair ties with metal clasps made me shudder; from high school to the present day, however, simple black hair ties have been my staple.

i recently went to anthropologie and was drawn to the selection of hair ties. bright, (sparkly!), elastic hair ties. when i first saw them i was overwhelmed. so overwhelmed that i walked out empty-handed because i could not make up my mind. i soon went back and settled on the hair ties pictured above. this set, in my opinion, had everything i wanted: subtle neutral colors, a bright pop of color, stripes and sparkle. i absolutely adore wearing these hair ties in my hair, and i'm also a fan of the way they look on my wrists. i certainly see myself picking up another pack (or two) in the future!

{photos by color me caitie}


  1. love the layout + the washi tape. my curly hair loves these hair ties--and they do bring the perfect pop of color! xoxo {av}

  2. What a clever way to display these! What purpose does that little knot serve? I haven't seen these before! xo, eliza